tisdag 12 januari 2010

The UFO´s continues

The UFO-story continues
There are some BOM´s hiding in my sewingroom
some have I started with some blocks
and other is resting piecefully

The Tail feathers BOM from Cinderberry Stitches
Liz is very nice and keep sending me an envelope each month :)
It´s a kit with pattern and fabric

This is Gingham Girls
that I ordered from Åsa
this is just a pattern BOM
Haven´t started on this one either
The Country Calender BOM
5 blocks done just 7 more to do, hmmm
A Christmas Wish
5 blocks to do

it feels like the UFO is a never ending story, puhh!!!
that means
more photos tomorrow

Now over to something much better
2 photos with gifts from Arlene in the Advent Swap

Nothing to do!!!!
Let´s start a new project
This is gonna be a doublebed quilt
and it´s a gift for my DD1 on her 20th birthday
I agree with Lizzan
it´s someting wrong with the math
I can´t figure out how I can have a daughter this age
while I´m 30 myself !!!!?????


3 kommentarer:

Anna sa...

Nä, jag har knappt något att göra jag heller! : ) Har hejdat mig mitt i steget flera gånger från att börja på något nytt. Måste slutföra minst ett projekt först!
Det är klart dotterns födelsedagskvilt måste komma i första hand för dig nu, hur skulle det annats se ut?
- Anna i Åkarp, sy.lugnagatan.net

Cattinka sa...

I guess you will be very busy with finishing some of your BOMS the coming few weeks! Go for it, they will be beautiful.

Oddbjørg sa...

Det er jo godt at vi ikke blir arbeidsledige med det første :-)
Mye fint å se i bloggen din! Gleder meg til å se noen av UFOene ferdige også. Kos deg med arbeidet!

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