söndag 15 november 2009

The postman/woman have been busy

Another week has passed
Half november is almost gone
it´s dark and rainy outside
but indoors it´s warm and cozy.
Last Saturday it was time for
Quiltkramarna to have our monthly meeting

On Sunday.............
it was time to celebrate Dad
on Father´s day.
All the children were home
Perfect day with lot of cakes
.............sorry no picture
We ate it all up before I remember to take some pictures

Our son Joachim

The youngest daughter Jennie and her BF Patrik

and here is our oldest daughter Johanna with her BF Daniel

I decided to take a picture every Monday
from the same spot in our garden
to see how it changes during the year
so here is the first one
the first snow this winter

My sewing buddy Honken
he is 10 years old
and a fan of my quilt with a fleeceback

The postman manage to squeeze down this parcel
from Arlene in Australia,
on Tuesday
I hardly manage to get it out of the mailbox

And inside it looked like this
a cute snow-bear
It´s containing 25 Advent Swap parcels
I have to wait until 1st of December to open the first one
It´s tough but..................
A new Fat Quarter arrived
with a lot of "to do" projects
This is the only swedish quiltmagazine

I did my homework on Thursday
my japanese handbag is almost finished
I just have to figure out how I want to have the handles
but it have to wait until 1st of december when the next meeting is
the same day I got a new exciting envelope
this time from Quiltbiten
this one contained
2 new patterns,
this time from Lizzan.
You can´t have to many can you? :)))
I wonder what the postman thinks
Friday did a new parcel arrived this time from Jane in USA
My blocks from the Disappearing 9-path swap
100 of them
looking forward to put them together
but how???
I don´t know yet
Thank you all who joined this swap
a big THANKS to Jane who organized it
Jane I´m waiting for the next swap 2010!!! :)))

Getting closer to Christmas
it´s time for this

I love having glögg with almond no raisin
and som gingerbread with blue cheese


onsdag 4 november 2009

A little peek

- of what I´m doing
This is the fabric that I´ve chosen for my japanese bag
2:nd meeting is next Tuesday
...............have to do my homework soon
let´s hope for the weekend
but I have a meeting with my quiltgroup Saturday and in the evening
Then on Sunday it´s Father´s day

Here comes a picture of my first Christmas project
you will se more of it when it´s finished
I hope :)


tisdag 3 november 2009


No I haven´t got the flu
and I don´t want it
I´m just working 3 more weeks, then I´m off to Quiltcamp at Österby
a whole week,
just sewing and having a lot of fun with old and new friends
so you understand why I had my shot of vaccin today,
I sure don´t wanna risk anything


måndag 2 november 2009

Try to remember......................

the days of september............... and october
I can´t believe it´s november already
I haven´t had the energy to update my blog
But now I am on to it with loaded battery.
A summary....................
I´ve celebrated my birthday,
it still keeps coming once a year
I got some money...lucky me
which came in handy when I went to Stockholm to visit the Sew-festival
with some friends from my quilting-guild "Quiltkramarna"
I bought a new sewingmachine,
to use when I´m off to different kinds of quiltmeetings
It is much lighter than my other one, but the same brand

But if you think that was all I bought
you are wrong
I came home with some fabrics and some good to have things
those you know all about...or??????????

I have also been at 2 meetings with my guild
I finished my "Rainbow" quilt
(sorry no picture)
and started with some smaller christmas projects,
the photo shows the result of Nina´s christmas mystery

I have been to Quiltbiten once (4 lessons all together)
trying to figure out how to make Japanes bags
we are all making bags of our own choice
I found one in this book

and it looks like this

I joined the swap "A stitchers angel" and
last week I received my package from my secret angel.
It came from Germany and contained such lovely things
and a piece of a tasty chocolatebar

Thank you so much Katrin
and I know that the package I sent to Janet in Canada has arrived

Tomorrow I´m off to the postoffice again
I´m wellknown there.
Posting a package to Arlene, my partner in the "Advent swap"

Oh, I almost forgot!!!
I have also received my blocks in the Halloween swap
thank you all for the gorgeous blocks
(picture is coming)

That´s all folks.......
Now back to one of my favorite shows
Two and a half men

Hugs ............................Ankie

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