måndag 31 maj 2010

The end of silence

Sorry you haven´t heard from me for a very long time
hope you still want to follow my blog
but I have had so much to do
at work and
at home
I think I did not sew anything in April
In May I found it
the time to sew
Her are the photos of what I started and finished
this month

A computer storage from FQ and two
fun small "things" from Quiltbiten

A toilet bag also from FQ
here you see it inside and next picture shows the outside

A Dresden plate wallhanger
pattern from Quiltbiten

A little purse
no pattern but I know there is a lot of similar patterns

S calls it a "Frogpurse"

A tablerunner from Quiltbiten

A bag from Quiltbiten - again
I live quite close to this shop
and of course you always find something you really need
or :-)

A vinebox-cover
from .....
take a guess
50% chance :-)))

no, no.....
not Quiltbiten
yes, yes
Hope you have enjoyed this short photosession
Trying to be back tomorrow

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