söndag 31 januari 2010

In the last minute......

did I finished my last project
for January
and that was the crazy curve quilt
that I started on last Sunday
I have used parts of the fabric collection Iced Mocha
and I think it turned out quite well
this is gonna have it´s place in my office at work

and here is a close up

then I have to show a picture of my three cats
during brekfasttime
they are so cute, aren´t they?

when I looked out the window
Friday morning-Sunday morning
I saw snow, snow and snow

and here is the result
Sunday morning
"Photo of the week and month" at the same time


måndag 25 januari 2010

Busy weekend

I had a lot to do this weekend
it started with a meeting with my
quiltfriends "Quiltkramarna"
I decided to make a wallhanger
for my office at work
since I work at a diary
I looked for a pattern with a cow
and found an AnnaKa pattern
the original is a tablerunner
I finished it today
and here is the picture

A close-up

Then on Sunday I had a class at Quiltbiten
to learn how to sew this
with crazy curve-templates
very funny to make
and much more easy to make than I thought it would

then rest of the weekend did I spent
cleaning out the bathroom downstairs
we gonna start renovating this week

Hugs ......................Ankie

onsdag 20 januari 2010


Believe it or not!!!
I have started with one of my 2 UFO´s
or was it 20 of them ?? :)))
the disappering 9-patch swap
here is the first block
I haven´t decided yet how to put the blocks together
but I have an idea that I´m gonna try

Then I have been thinking of what project
I´m gonna sew, when my quilting guild
having a meeting on Saturday
no decision yet

My DH also has a hobby
and here is photo of his Poison dart frogs
I don´t remember the latin name
you can see one grown up and at least 3 young ones

Have you seen Annikas ( on Sammanfaller) great giveaway
I really don´t want to tell you about
because I want to be one of the winners

söndag 17 januari 2010

The quilt is finished

Home again
DD 1 invited all of us to a "cookie-party"
to celebrate her 20th Birthday
yummy, yummy..............
some cupcakes with apple
french choklatetarte
and Pavlova
I don´t think I need any dinner today

this weeks OPAW
about the same as last week
but today is not as cold

I embroided this
and sewed it on the back of the quilt

and here it is
the finished quilt
was a bit tricky to take a photo
because of the snow
it is 240 x 260cm


lördag 16 januari 2010

Friday Night sew in 2

I promised a picture
................. and here it is
my oldest DD´s birthdayquilt
ready to quilt

It´s a pattern from " Tyger och tings " (in english "Fabrics and things") book
"Tyger blir ting" (in english "Fabrics become things")
and I bought a kit from the same store
I made the quilt larger with 1 broad border, to fit a doublebed
This is how it looked Friday night
and today have I done a lot of freehand quilting
I´m gonna take a new photo tomorrow
when it´s daylight

Friday Night Sew-In

Yesterday I tried to update my blog and tell you that I joined
but I have had some troubles again with my blog
I thought this was a fun idea
so during Friday evening I finished the birthdayquilt top
and sandwiched it
photo comes later today

onsdag 13 januari 2010


I have now start piecing DD´s quilt

and here you get a sneakpeak

her birthday is on Tuesday next week

I hope I´ll manage to quilt it this weekend

I think I have not shown you this wonderful embroidery

that I got from Arlene

Here comes the last UFO-photos

I hope !!!!

This one is from FQ and I think it is called Greetings from Sweden

I have 4 blocks left and some embellishing

Here is a signblock swap
organized on Quiltsnack
and as you see this is from

Debbie Mumms BOM 2009
Natural Wonder

and finally
Verandah views


tisdag 12 januari 2010

The UFO´s continues

The UFO-story continues
There are some BOM´s hiding in my sewingroom
some have I started with some blocks
and other is resting piecefully

The Tail feathers BOM from Cinderberry Stitches
Liz is very nice and keep sending me an envelope each month :)
It´s a kit with pattern and fabric

This is Gingham Girls
that I ordered from Åsa
this is just a pattern BOM
Haven´t started on this one either
The Country Calender BOM
5 blocks done just 7 more to do, hmmm
A Christmas Wish
5 blocks to do

it feels like the UFO is a never ending story, puhh!!!
that means
more photos tomorrow

Now over to something much better
2 photos with gifts from Arlene in the Advent Swap

Nothing to do!!!!
Let´s start a new project
This is gonna be a doublebed quilt
and it´s a gift for my DD1 on her 20th birthday
I agree with Lizzan
it´s someting wrong with the math
I can´t figure out how I can have a daughter this age
while I´m 30 myself !!!!?????


måndag 11 januari 2010


If you aren´t into quilting
this words must sound like jiddrich
but I´m gonna show some examples what I mean
But I start with a photo of my new co-worker in the sewing room
may I introduce- Tequila
a 9 months old catlady who is everywhere

OPAM you all now as One Project A Month
but in this case
it is
One Photo A Month
This is my own challenge,
I will take a photo once a month from the same spot in my garden


Beginning of december

End of december


one photo to much
Then every weekend I´m gonna try to take a photo
of something interesting
thats the OPAW

Today I thought I have to check out my stash of UFO´s
and onother OOPS
there were some of them
here are the first ones
the rest will show up tomorrow

A quilt that I started on at Quiltcamp nov/dec 2009
the top is finished
The pattern comes from
"Jelly roll quilts" by the Lintott
and is called
Loc Cabin Hidden Stars

My blocks from
the Halloween swap nov 2009
have to be put together
have to think about this one

The disappearing 9-patch swap dec 2009

Bulls Eye-swap on Quiltsnack
this is an oldie

Then I have a lot of PIMs and WIMs
but now I got tired
when finding all my UFOs
Now I´m gonna watch some TV -
an episode of CSI New York


söndag 10 januari 2010

Tada I´m back

2010 years first post
I have decided to join Kris and Pegs OPAM 2010.
This have inspired me this week
I have finished 4 projects this week
The first one is a table runner in Christmas fabrics,
there always be a new Christmas
the pattern comes from the Swedish quiltmagazine Fat Quarter

and then
I finished a lapquilt
the blocks come from the "Rainbow swap" that Jane organized.
I thank all ladys that sent me a block
My block is the dark blue star in the second row

then I continued with the Christmas theme
here is a table runner with appliques
I bought the pattern from Tyger och Ting
Quilted with hearts on free-hand

last one for this time
is a blue table runner
it looks like it is weaved but it ain´t
It was real fun to make
I´m already thinking of making one in another colour
blue isn´t my colour

but I think it fits very well
on the table in my hallway
together with Mrs and Mr Snow

Finally I can show you some photos
of the gifts that Arlene sent me for the Advent swap 2009


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