onsdag 20 januari 2010


Believe it or not!!!
I have started with one of my 2 UFO´s
or was it 20 of them ?? :)))
the disappering 9-patch swap
here is the first block
I haven´t decided yet how to put the blocks together
but I have an idea that I´m gonna try

Then I have been thinking of what project
I´m gonna sew, when my quilting guild
having a meeting on Saturday
no decision yet

My DH also has a hobby
and here is photo of his Poison dart frogs
I don´t remember the latin name
you can see one grown up and at least 3 young ones

Have you seen Annikas ( on Sammanfaller) great giveaway
I really don´t want to tell you about
because I want to be one of the winners

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

I discovered the disappearing 9 block about 2 months ago. Love it. Showed it to a friend and now she is hooked.

Love how you did yours. I haven't seen that design.


Angie sa...

Did you use a pattern? Would love to have it. The block is so pretty.

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