söndag 10 januari 2010

Tada I´m back

2010 years first post
I have decided to join Kris and Pegs OPAM 2010.
This have inspired me this week
I have finished 4 projects this week
The first one is a table runner in Christmas fabrics,
there always be a new Christmas
the pattern comes from the Swedish quiltmagazine Fat Quarter

and then
I finished a lapquilt
the blocks come from the "Rainbow swap" that Jane organized.
I thank all ladys that sent me a block
My block is the dark blue star in the second row

then I continued with the Christmas theme
here is a table runner with appliques
I bought the pattern from Tyger och Ting
Quilted with hearts on free-hand

last one for this time
is a blue table runner
it looks like it is weaved but it ain´t
It was real fun to make
I´m already thinking of making one in another colour
blue isn´t my colour

but I think it fits very well
on the table in my hallway
together with Mrs and Mr Snow

Finally I can show you some photos
of the gifts that Arlene sent me for the Advent swap 2009


5 kommentarer:

Annika sa...

Så mycket fint du fått färdigt! Kram och god fortsättning på det nya året.

Lizzan sa...

Oj vad du legat i oh fått ihop så mycket fint! Ditt år har verkligen börjat i sömnadens tecken! Kram Lizzan

Anna sa...

Oj, vad flitig du har varit! Fyra färdiga projekt på en vecka!
Den flätade duken är jätteläcker, snyggt med snögubbarna till!
- Anna i Åkarp, sy.lugnagatan.net

Cattinka sa...

Hello Ankie,
you have been very busy and have beautiful finishes already! I especially like your blue table runner with the snowmen on it.

Wendy sa...

I love your blue table runner. Where did you get the pattern and what is the name of the pattern. I would love to make one for myself.

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