måndag 25 januari 2010

Busy weekend

I had a lot to do this weekend
it started with a meeting with my
quiltfriends "Quiltkramarna"
I decided to make a wallhanger
for my office at work
since I work at a diary
I looked for a pattern with a cow
and found an AnnaKa pattern
the original is a tablerunner
I finished it today
and here is the picture

A close-up

Then on Sunday I had a class at Quiltbiten
to learn how to sew this
with crazy curve-templates
very funny to make
and much more easy to make than I thought it would

then rest of the weekend did I spent
cleaning out the bathroom downstairs
we gonna start renovating this week

Hugs ......................Ankie

1 kommentar:

Annika sa...

En så söt bonad! Och vad fint du gjort med dina "iced mocca"-tyger :) Kram

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