måndag 11 januari 2010


If you aren´t into quilting
this words must sound like jiddrich
but I´m gonna show some examples what I mean
But I start with a photo of my new co-worker in the sewing room
may I introduce- Tequila
a 9 months old catlady who is everywhere

OPAM you all now as One Project A Month
but in this case
it is
One Photo A Month
This is my own challenge,
I will take a photo once a month from the same spot in my garden


Beginning of december

End of december


one photo to much
Then every weekend I´m gonna try to take a photo
of something interesting
thats the OPAW

Today I thought I have to check out my stash of UFO´s
and onother OOPS
there were some of them
here are the first ones
the rest will show up tomorrow

A quilt that I started on at Quiltcamp nov/dec 2009
the top is finished
The pattern comes from
"Jelly roll quilts" by the Lintott
and is called
Loc Cabin Hidden Stars

My blocks from
the Halloween swap nov 2009
have to be put together
have to think about this one

The disappearing 9-patch swap dec 2009

Bulls Eye-swap on Quiltsnack
this is an oldie

Then I have a lot of PIMs and WIMs
but now I got tired
when finding all my UFOs
Now I´m gonna watch some TV -
an episode of CSI New York


2 kommentarer:

Cattinka sa...

Hi Ankie,
what a nice idea taking a photo of your garden every month. You got quite some snow... and I thought we had a lot... nothing compared to you!
You have nice work to complete, and they aren´t really UFO´s, most of them were just started a few month ago, I think those are still WISPS!

Sharon sa...

Love the photo idea! I'll look forward to enjoying your garden throughout the year! You have a great selection of WIP. Alas, so do I!

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