söndag 12 juli 2009


You all know
that I have been away
to my and DH´s hometowns for a week and a half.
Some posts ago I showed some peeks of
what I was doing as gifts for our relatives.
Now can I show all the results

First my fathers Birthday-gift,
a mailbox that I painted
The one that he had (also decorated by yours truly) was 10 years old
and some kids have tried to blow it away New years Eve

Then comes 3 Clothpeg-bags in different colours.
They were realy funny to make.
The pattern comes from the swedish magazine FQ
The blue one for my mother and the pink one chosed my sister

Then I made a rucksack for my sister.
My DH is trying it

And finally the last one goes to my dear sister in law Anki in Kalmar


1 kommentar:

Lizzan sa...

Vilka härlig presenter du gjort! Finns inget som är så kul att få som nått hemgjort!
Kram Lizzan

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