onsdag 1 juli 2009

Along the railway

Great weather today.
We are really lucky this week with a lot of sunshine.
Today we have been out and moving our legs!!!!
For the first time I have used a "dressin".
Haven´t any idea what it´s called in english.
But I hope you understand what kind of a vehicle it is,
when you look at the picture.
It´s like a bike on the railway.
I took the first ride and I was lucky because ,
it was almost downhill the whole way.
So my DH wasn´t that happy when we were going homewards.

This is my mother to the left, me in the middle
and my younger (and only) sister to the right.
Just having a short pause.

Then it was time for lunch.

And some pancakes and homemade (my mother) strawberry jam
for dessert.

I recomment this trip if you come to Österlen .
Tomorrow are we heading for Malmö.
We are picking up our daugher and her boyfriend at the airport.
Since we are in Malmö -
I´m going to Stoff och stil (a big fabric shop in Malmö) and visit 2 quiltshops.


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