tisdag 23 juni 2009

Like a busy bee

I feel like this little guy or girl.
Can you see him/her???
B-zy, b-zy, and more buzzzzzyy.
The summer has arrived at last.
Today it´s sunny and warm.
Just 4 more workingdays and then vacation for 4 weeks.

I got to have some projects finished before Friday.
Because on Saturday, early in the morning are we leaving Karlholm.
Driving 800km to the south of Sweden .
We´re gonna spend 1 week in a town called Simrishamn (my birthtown).

I paint and while it is drying....
I walk over to the sewing machine
Sew a bit on a little rucksack...
Then back to the mailboxpainting.
I think this is what you can call a creative mess, or ???
The kitchentable is once again occupied.

I want some food please!!!


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