torsdag 18 juni 2009


Now over to something else.
I have tried to avoid this.
No, NO NOOOO Not another hobbie.
Well - OK just a tiny project.
I have made a weddingscrap on a canvas
I think it it´s OK to be my first one.

The lyric is from a swedish song called "Det vackraste".
In english it will be something like "The most beautiful"

A new giveaway.
"Serendipity" celebrates her 50th post.

Dagens recept

En läskande bål till din sommarfest.
Sommardröm (ca 15 glas)
2dl svartvinbärslikör
3dl svartvinbärssaft
2dl koncentrerad fläderdryck
1,5L cider med flädersmak
Citronskivor, en klase vinbär

Äppellycka ett alkoholfritt alternativ (15 glas)
2dl äppeljuice
2dl koncentrerad citrondryck
1 flaska vitt alkoholfritt vin
1,5L grön limeläsk
ur Land nr 25 , 2009


1 kommentar:

Truffle queen sa...

Hi Ankie!

I'm the "ELAINE" who is doing the "wonky houses" for Jane's Halloween swap! She made sure we were in the same group because I'm half Swedish! My mother's parents immigrated to the US in 1908 and 1912 - my grandfather from Hjo and my grandmother from Frolunda (sp)? - it's near Goteborg. We'll have to email - I belong to a SWEDISH BEE (small quilting group) - thought you'd get a "kick" out of that! Happy quilting! Elaine

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