söndag 21 mars 2010


believe it or not
not - if I look out the window now
but yes we had a barbeque yesterday
it was sunny and really warm
found some burgers in the freezer
and now, today
it is snowing
what a surprise!!!

I have been waiting , waiting, waiting
and wating
for some fabrics I bought from USA.
Friday I found out that the postoffice have had one of the packages more than 2 weeks
they had forgott to send me a note about it
the same day the other one arrived
but they had found their way to me via the custom at Arlanda

First Cours by Tara Reed and Garden Song by Nancy Halvorssen
I love all fabrics by NH
these come from Rossville Quilts a new shop to me
the Caterwauling prints and the mix come from
Tranquility Quilts and fabric shop also new to me
I can recommend them both

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