tisdag 1 september 2009

This, that and tatoo

what have I been doing lately?????
no posts on my blog , bad bad
I and my DH have been talking about doing something creative
by that I don´t mean anything hobby-ish (a new word?)
no no no............
we decided to get a tatoo!!!!
below you see mine
a cute little dragonfly on my leg.
(I try to sign everything I make with a dragonfly)

However I´ve been doing some sewing today
here is a sneakpeak
of what I´m doing for my partner in the Advent swap´
thought a lot about this 25 parcels I´m going to send her
but now I think I have a finished plan
and most of the parcels are ready

I bought some bagframes from the UK
just grabbed some fabric
and made myself a new handbag
quite handy
You can make several bags use the same frame
and change from day to day
very practical...............

The pattern comes from U-handbag


5 kommentarer:

Annika sa...

Jag är också med i Advent Swap :) I helgen som kommer ska jag börja sy min julklapp, de inköpta är klara (de var ju enkla).

Lizzan sa...

Vilken snygg tatuering du skaffat dig!
Kram Lizzan

Ankie sa...

Tack Lizzan,
Som sagt älskar trollsländor.
Vissa påstår att jag hamnat i ngn ålderskris.
Inte jag inte :)

Tanja sa...

Åh,snygg tatuering! :)
Jag blev bara nyfiken om kaninen har kommit fram ännu?
*håller tummarna*

Ankie sa...

Hej Tanja
Igår dök kaninen upp.
Tack så hemskt mycket.
Den var hur söt som helst.

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